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Facebook & Instagram Ads will easily spend your money and get you clicks.

But will you get the results you are looking for?

Our process helps you drive sales and hot leads while controlling and measuring ad spend and ROI.

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Don’t waste your Facebook/ INstagram Ads investment

Facebook Ads will get you some results immediately if done right with sufficient budget. The much harder part is getting great results at an acceptable cost per lead or cost per sale.

We see too many clients that spend lots of money on Traffic campaigns that generate no results

What’s needed is proper measurement and attribution. For this you need to setup conversion tracking correctly for all user events you are interested in driving- form submissions, phone calls, live chats and so on. And then this needs to be tied back to your ad campaigns and tracked, reported and optimised for. This is why the Facebook Pixel is essential.

Crucially this data needs to be cleanly fed back into Facebook Ads so that the automated bid strategies can really optimise for your business, eg. Conversion objective campaigns will optimise to get you as many Conversions (sales, leads etc) as possible while spending your allocated budget.

Ad-Optimised Landing Pages

The Ads don’t work in a vacuum. They rely on your website and/ or landing pages.

You must audit your landing pages and ensure they are not underperforming.

A typical website conversion rate might be 2%. But a custom ad-optimised landing page might generate 12% conversion rate at least.

That conversion rate increase is directly equivalent to increasing your ad spend by a factor of 6!

Maximise your Facebook Ads Management

We’ll use all the tools at our disposal including:

  • Facebook Pixel installation
  • Facebook Ads Retargeting
  • All ad formats: Images, Carousel, Video
  • All Campaign Objectives: Awareness, Consideration & Conversion
  • Dashboards comparing Google Ads & Facebook Ads alongside each other
  • Holistic performance tracking across Google Analytics & Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads funnels: from Awareness to Conversion
  • Custom Audiences
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Geo Location targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Connection targeting
  • Interests targeting

Facebook Ads Client Reviews

Some of our Facebook Ads clients

Facebook Ads Case Study #1

This report shows the Google (“GAds”) and Facebook (“FB”) Purchases, Ad Costs and ROI in terms of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This type of analysis proves the Return on Investment (ROI) of Facebook Ads.

Greater Leads Facebook Case Study ROI

Facebook Ads Case Study #2

We introduced this client to the power of Conversion-objective Facebook Ads campaigns. Within days we saw Appointments Scheduled via the client website for $3.52 per appointment booked!

Greater Leads Facebook Ads Case Study- Appointment Scheduling

Facebook Ads Case Study #3

This client sells very high ticket items so at $57 per high quality lead the ROI is huge. The goal here is new Message Conversations on FB Messenger as well as Form and Phone leads via the website.

Greater Leads Facebook Ads Case Study

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Use Retargeting to get the most bang for your buck. Target your ads at those users who have already visited your website, specific pages or have taken specific actions like watched your videos or engaged with your content. Retargeting is very effective for nuturing users from Awareness to Conversion.

You should audit your current Facebook/ Instragram Ads  account to establish a baseline and see what’s working and what isn’t. We regularly see Facebook Ads accounts which are mismanaged and can be hugely improved with some minor changes. That means more leads and sales, for less ad spend. Or more transparency into where your ad spend is going.

Facebook Ads Management Fees

Our management fees are completely separate from the Facebook Ads ad spend. We charge a flat monthly management fee which is independent of how much you spend with Facebook or Google. The fee depends on the complexity of your project with relevant factors such as:

  • Number of ad channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc)
  • Frequency of campaign updates, such as events or special promotions
  • Number of business locations (we manage clients from 1 to 150 locations)
  • Number of business units, as often these are as different as separate organisations

Facebook & Instagram Ads FAQS

Are Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads completely separate?

No, Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads are both owned and operated by Facebook. We setup and manage both ad channels via Facebook Ads Manager. You can create one ad that appears across Facebook & Instagram.

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