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How do we generate leads?

We primarily use pay-per-click ads for lead generation. They start working almost immediately and if you set them up right they are very cost-effective. Google Ads and Facebook Ads work very well for lead generation. Also we run a SEO audit of your site and make recommendations to provide a medium- to long-term free source of leads via Google Organic search traffic (free traffic excluding consulting costs).

We can quickly start generating all types of leads:

  • Phone Calls
  • Bookings
  • Enquiries
  • Live Chats

Conversion-optimised Landing Pages

Most lead generation strategies rely on your website. A “conversion-optimised” website will be far more effective at converting and generating leads than most regular websites.

Facebook Lead Ads skip your website altogether but the quality of the leads is often questionable.

You must audit your landing pages and ensure they are not underperforming.

A typical website conversion rate might be 2%. But a custom ad-optimised landing page might generate 12% conversion rate at least.

That conversion rate increase is directly equivalent to increasing your ad spend by a factor of 6!

Measuring lead gen

It’s essential to measure your lead gen performance and results. We recommend installing Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Event tracking. We can then setup a Data Studio dashboard to provide live insights into lead gen performance through tracking KPIs: phone calls, form submissions, live chats started etc.

By including the cost data from the Google Ads (and Facebook Ads) we can calculate cost per conversion also known as cost per lead (CPL) or cost per acquisition (CPA).

Once we know the CPA we can focus our efforts on:

  • Reporting CPA by Channel: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads vs SEO (Organic)
  • Reducing the CPA by improving landing pages, ads, ad targeting etc
  • Justifying and deciding new ad budgets and allocations
  • Expanding keywords while retaining CPA targets

Google Ads Client Reviews

Some of our Lead Generation clients

Lead Generation Case Study #1

This client sells very high ticket items so at $100 per high quality lead the ROI is enormous:

Google Ads Case Study #3

Sydney Lead Generation

From our base in Sydney, we’ve generated leads from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia and many more countries since 2008. 

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Retargeting/ Remarketing

Google Ads Remarketing and Facebook Retargeting are a great, cost-effective way to generate high quality leads from your past site visitors. We always use these tactics as part of our lead gen strategy.

Lead Generation Management Fees

Our management fees are completely separate from the Google Ads ad spend. We charge a flat monthly management fee which is independent of how much you spend with Google. The fee depends on the complexity of your project with relevant factors such as:

  • Number of ad channels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc)
  • Frequency of campaign updates, such as events or special promotions
  • Number of business locations (we manage clients from 1 to 150 locations)
  • Number of business units, as often these are as different as separate organisations

Lead Generation FAQs

What’s the best way to generate leads?

It depends on your business, competition and audience. But generally we recommend Google Ads as they are very effective and it’s quick to get started.

What is the Quality of the Leads?

Lead quality is a hot topic that we pay special attention to. Google Ads has a proven reputation for generating very high quality leads almost immediately. We implement careful tracking including phone call tracking and recording to verify the lead quality. We also rely on regular client feedback. It’s usually quick to tighten up the lead quality if necessary.

What types of leads can you generate?

Phone Calls, Bookings, Enquiries, Form Submissions, Live Chats etc. Any action on a website really.